Satellite Symposia


Wednesday, May 31

301 syngo DynaCT guided embolisation – from routine use to new frontiers Main
  Moderator: F.C. Carnevale (São Paulo/BR) Auditorium
301.1 Liver and beyond: optimising radiopaque beads embolisation with syngo DynaCT
T.F. Jakobs (Munich/DE)
301.2 syngo DynaCT imaging and guidance for PAE: an essential tool
N. Hacking (Southampton/UK)
302 How to treat AVM/pulmonary AVM and visceral aneurysms Main
  Moderator: J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US) Auditorium
302.1 How to treat AVMs
F. Numan (Istanbul/TR)
302.2 Treatment of pulmonary AVM in HHT patient
J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US)
302.3 Treatment of visceral aneurysms
M. Wojtaszek (Canterbury/UK)
601 PAE: transradial approach and challenging access troubleshooting Sala
  Moderator: F.C. Carnevale (São Paulo/BR) Verde
601.1 Overcoming difficult access in PAE: SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter
M.R. Sapoval (Paris/FR)
601.2 Transradial directed PAE: the next step
S. Bhatia (Davie, FL/US)


Thursday, June 1

901 syngoSIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres – a case review session in the light of new clinical evidence Main
  Moderators: N.P. Tait (London/UK), R. Golfieri (Bologna/IT) Auditorium
  Welcome and introduction  
901.1 HCC case study presentation: SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres as an alternative to sorafenib
I. Bargellini (Pisa/IT)
901.2 mCRC case study presentation: SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres and surgery – a promising combination
C. Benckert (Berlin/DE)
901.3 mNET case study presentation: Confirmed safety and efficacy of SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres in mNET
J.A.T. Braat (Utrecht/NL)
  Discussion and closing remarks  
Targeted treatments of HCC, lymphatic leakage & vascular
  Moderator: M.R. Sapoval (Paris/FR)  
902.1 cTACE fundamental & mechanism of action
J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US)
902.2 New perspectives for HCC treatment: cTACE in combination with interventional therapies
M. Guimaraes (Charleston, SC/US)
902.3 Treating lymphatic disorders: technical considerations and clinical outcomes
G. Maleux (Leuven/BE)
  Boston Scientific  
1201 Interventional solutions to pelvic problems Sala
  Moderator: V. Vidal (Marseille/FR) Verde
1201.1 Evolving the treatment of emborrhoids
V. Vidal (Marseille/FR)
1201.2 Adenomyosis: from awareness to patient benefit
P.N.M. Lohle (Tilburg/NL)
1201.3 Rope UK: treating BPH and building the guidelines
N. Hacking (Southampton/UK)


Friday, June 2

  Cook Medical  
1501   Main
1501.1 Anatomical considerations for emborrhoid treatment: what is new?
V. Vidal (Marseille/IT)
1501.2 Pelvic vein embolisation – why coil design is important.
P. Diwakar (London/UK)
1502 Changing the paradigm of peripheral treatment in embolisation and thrombectomy Main
  Moderator: J.F. Benenati (Miami, FL/US) Auditorium
1502.1 Ruby, POD and POD packing coil: advancing peripheral embolisation procedures
I. McCafferty (Birmingham/UK
1502.2 Endovascular treatment for venous and arterial thrombosis with the Indigo System
J.F. Benenati (Miami, FL/US)


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